Our story so far

Where the heck did September go? It’s the final week of the month, and my weekends have been terrible for sewing binges. Due to a serious inventory error on my part, I had to order and wait for a new set of patterns to arrive before starting The Tyrant’s costume. In the meantime, I’ve been wrestling 11 yards of what I believe is burlap into submission.


On a side note, I didn’t need nearly as much fabric as I bought. Now, I wish I’d made the overdress longer. Oh, well. Maybe I’ll add a stiffened guard at the bottom to help it stand out. And, ignore the belt; it’s just a placeholder of a sort. I made fabric buttons last week; although, they’re bigger than I’d planned. Tonight, I’m working on the sleeves, which I think are going to be pretty awesome. After Halloween, I may wear this as a coat…it’s certainly warm enough, but I think it needs a hood.

Oh! And I did the embroidery on the quiver.


I love it!

My goal is to get all of the sewing for our mother/daughter costumes done this week. That will leave accessories for the weekend(s), and give me weeknights in October for my second costume. If I can get everything done on that schedule, I’m going to need a week off in November to sleep, because never mind my family, dance, and TV schedules.

I know, “Enough griping! Back to work!” Here’s The Tyrant in my new Martha Jones jacket, since you put up with my whining.


That’s her current version of a smile. We’re working on it.

Thanks for stopping by!