Vinyl Boots

This is a quick rundown of how I make shoe and boot covers and adhere them to a standard shoe base. For removable boot covers, gaiters, and shoe armor, the process is similar, but I attach velcro or elastic to the bottom that will fit snugly under the shoe, between the arch and heel of the foot.

*Disclaimer: I make shit up as I go. I’m self-taught. I do not apologize for this. However, this method has worked for me repeatedly.

  1. I bought a cheap pair of casual walking shoes with a thick, dark sole (not pictured).
  2. Wearing the shoes over a pair of socks and leggings, I wrapped my entire lower leg and the shoe in plastic wrap, then duct tape.
  3. I used a Sharpie to mark the seams (back and front of the leg), the shape of the top of the boot, and the top of the sole of the shoe. 
    • The seam can be on the inside of the leg as well, but you’ll need to clip the rounded bits of the pattern to get a flat design, similar to an armor pattern.
    • Look at where seam lines are on muggle shoes to get an idea of how this works.
    • Depending on your final decoration and color-blocking, you may be able to cover visible seams with trim or armor.
  4. I carefully cut down the back seam to take off the “mold” (plastic wrap and duct tape). Then I cut away the excess at the top and bottom. 
  5.  I transferred the shape onto vinyl and added seam allowance to all edges.
    • If necessary, you can also trace the shape onto lining fabric now. Sew the top and lining pieces together, treating them as one piece from here on out.
  6. For these boots, I sewed in a zipper along the back seam, below my calf and above the top of the heel of the shoe. Then, I stitched the seams at the front and back.
  7. The boot was adhered to the shoe fabric with Shoe Goo, and the remaining decorations were added with contact cement.
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