About Me

I’m also a tea party enthusiast!

I love to create. Sewing is my favorite hobby, but I dabble in knitting and crochet, hot gluing, and duct taping. I’m not kidding. I apply each of those to costuming and general crafting so that I can attend various events in inter-universal style.

I first learned to work a stitch when my mother refused to hem my uniform skirts in grade school. While I was allowed near the machine, those skirts were not. The time of borrowing machines from family members finally reached an end in the summer of 2007, when I saved enough for a machine of my very own. I’ve been unstoppable ever since, hemming, mending, and playing around with any fabric that crosses my path.  I have a collection of commercial patterns that I alter more often than not. Through those patterns and a growing library of good books, I’m learning to draft my own patterns.  And for quick reference, there are bunches of wonderfully talented costumers on the Web. They are so generous with their time and tips, and I love them all.

My costuming travels to the not-quite-so-local renaissance, steampunk, and fairy faires, comic book conventions, and some pieces make their way into my dance costumes. My wonderful husband serves as a willing, supportive garb model for our outings, our daughter has developed her own creative sensibilities and likes to help choose what we wear, and our son is too young to complain, so he’s been thrown into the costuming maelstrom as well.

My sewing area, the Tower, houses three sewing machines, a serger, loads of costumes and fabric, a folding table, cork board for inspiration, my dress form (SARA), books, and other crafting necessities. The studio is a work in progress, but it’s all mine.

If you want to chat about all things crafty, I can be reached by email – gls [dot] themaker [at] Gmail [dot] com – or through the comment section of each post and page. There is an email subscription option in the right menu, and new posts show in my Twitter feed – [at] SciFiCheerGirl – if you prefer.

Thank you for coming to visit, and I hope that you return soon!


2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I am totally intimidated to start real costuming. I barely know how to sew, but I like it. I lean not towards Elizabethan/Rennaisance stuff, but more toward making crap for my sewing-impaird burlesque dancer friend. Basically I want to make slutty Moulin Rouge clothes. With feathers. And maybe some beading/sequins.

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