Serene Blue – 23 months

77756_10151154257119519_1445305843_o20120915_165233  20120915_132225

I bet you can’t guess which pattern I used this time (Hint: see previous toddler dresses). This time, we went with a back lacing dress in blue broadcloth. I tried to let The Tyrant choose her own fabric this time, but she chose incorrectly (embroidered pink silk), so I fixed her answer. The dress is trimmed with beige twill tape, and I used eyelet tape for the lacing.

Here’s a surprise: the bodice is lined! With the weather getting chillier in the morning and afternoon, I wanted to give her some semblance of layers. I didn’t add the interfacing, but the neckline was fine without it. The back of the skirt is gathered, and the front is pleated–nothing fancy, just a modified “divide and conquer” method.

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