Recent busy-ness

I finished my wedding veil.  It’s calf length (although I may shorten it once my gown is back from the tailor) and has a blusher.  Instead of flowers or a headpiece, I just stitched sage ribbon across the gathered section.  I was going to add some beading to match my dress, but I want to try everything on together first.

Some friends and I went to a comic book exhibition of sorts at the UPenn museum this weekend.  It was written that prizes would be given out for costumed patrons, so I had to do something.  I went into ye olde costume closet and grabbed my Barriss Offee cloak.  With a few minor alterations (that can be easily undone, of course), it became a Raven of Teen Titans cloak.  I used fabric scraps from last year’s Halloween costumes to make her belt and wrist pieces–lots of felt, vinyl, and hot glue.  The ensemble wasn’t my best work, but it took less than four hours and the effort was recognized…by a comic book guy.  There was no one walking around giving out the alleged prizes, and believe me, I was on the lookout, but I won’t hold it against them.  The event was pretty well geared toward children.  There’s another convention in May that we’ll probably attend, so I’ll likely spiff Raven up for that.

I started the corset for my opening day ensemble this week.  It’s green duck canvas–somewhere between neon and kelly [green].  I wasn’t in the mood for white and red would just be trying too hard.  I haven’t yet mastered the marking wheel and carbon paper, so I’ll be fudging the boning channels yet again.  For some reason, tracing a straight line escapes me.

On my recent trip to the fabric store, I picked up a slick, soft, gray material for the “mistcloak” that I’ll be making at some point.  Read Mistborn.

Thanks for your time.

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Hobby costumer, wife, and mom with a dancey-dance problem and a hankerin' for moar books

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