What Have We Learned, Children?

Y’all. I am so happy that school is back in session. With fall in progress, my homebound podlings spend the weekdays in their own virtual learning spaces and busy silence has once again descended upon our abode. I applaud the teachers everyday for their hard work, which allows me to remain focused on my own 9-to-5. My babies have already been taught how to wash their clothes and how to unload the dishwasher this summer, so I clearly have nothing left to teach them.

I also taught them about the Stalk Market because I’m a good parent.
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Distance and the Mystery of Time

Captain’s Log, Isolation Day 34. The crew of the Starship “No, I’m Zelda” is doing well, combating cabin fever with good books, engaging school work, intriguing games, refreshing afternoon trips to the backyard, and a steady stream of Harry Potter content. In an effort to improve costume quality, most sewing activities have been converted to manual; however, this has begun to interfere with Animal Crossing time. Momma’s got digital loans to pay and these hands ache. End log.

My IRL floor isn’t this nice.
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