Staycation Update

Let’s see…things I’d planned to do during my time off work: Faire clothes. Things I’ve done in my time off work: NOT faire clothes.

In support of a friend (it seems that my projects have a common theme in that), I made a Mario Bros. hat for Open Mic night, at which he was performing. I used the tutorial found at (subscribe to her YouTube channel), but traced the pattern on my laptop screen rather than printing it. You know I don’t like doing things the right way. It was well received by the cool people in the crowd, even on my head. The over-large panels make it look like a novelty hat, so I’ll add stuffing between the layers to make the front stand up. No one has a head this big.

The second go at the pattern came with perfect results. It fits! I got ambitious and made it reversible. I don’t wear hats, but I’ll wear this one. I used remnant fabric for the plain side; it’s light green broadcloth. The main side is red broadcloth, also remnant fabric. If I had to make my ideal version of this hat, it would be in twill, but I didn’t have the right colors on hand. The felt emblem is held on by three extra small safety pins.

Since my birthday was just a couple of days ago, I finally picked up my 3DS. I’m terrified of scratching any of my electronics, so they usually get pouches, covers, or cases shortly after purchase. This one is a green canvas outer layer, stamped with a fairy in black ink. The lining is light green broadcloth (yes, the same as my hat) and has a pocket for the pack of AR cards (look it up). It has a simple casing for a short length of macrame cording.

Taking it back a week, I did finish the Husband’s working class shirt construction, minus wrist closures. I think I have a project completion problem when it comes to the little touches. Whatever…he can roll up the sleeves. This is made from unbleached muslin.

Taking it back a lot further (pre-baby), here’s a fabric bowl that I made for a co-worker. I don’t remember where the pattern came from, but I know that the Google led me to it. It’s made from black cotton stretch corduroy with InnerFuse, is stamped with gold ink, and has a little plastic bling.

Tomorrow, it’s back on track. I did work on patterning for the Husband’s slops. The muslin fits. They’re going to have black panes with an olive underlay. I want to really work on building up the trip on the panes, but I haven’t thought much about it yet. I’m currently adjusting the length of the pattern pieces to match the muslin length. I hope to construct the base tomorrow. I don’t feel like looking back to see if I mentioned that his shirt is done, but it is…minus the length of braided embroidery floss to tie the cuffs. BUT, I did sew the eyelets, and since I could technically use ribbon as a tie, it doesn’t count.

I have a few smaller projects [for other people] listed on the white board, but they’re all going to have to wait until August.

I could probably ramble on about the wonderfully inspiring events, conversations, and websites that I’ve experienced in the last few weeks, but that would get me off track. I never did a write up for the Tiny Tyrant’s first faire outfit, so I’ll get on that now…or tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!


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