Last day the PARF

Due to scheduling conflicts, we spent our last day at the PARF for the 2008 season yesterday.  We had a great time, and I was able to debut another queued piece of garb.  This was an inspired piece in honor of the Pyrate Invasion theme–low rise Venetian breeches.  It’s not like I strive for h/a in any of my garb, and this was no exception.  I don’t do the over-the-top bodices because my “stuffing” will likely do just that, and I don’t have the stones to wear tiny pirate skirts.  I wanted to be comfy and cute, so I was very happy with the result.  You can visit the diary for a construction summary, and my MySpace page has my faire pics from the weekends that we attended.

I was also able to eek out a new wool cloak this week, anticipating a cold faire morning and evening, but it stayed in the car thanks to the early rising temperature.  I’m planning to use the cloak next week, since it can cross class easier than my red velvet cloak (see the Halloween closet).

Next on tap is the MDRF for closing weekend.  I don’t have any Tudor-specific garb, which I could easily remedy in a week, but, with Halloween coming, I don’t want to.  I’ve finally figured out how to sit still and I’d like to work on that for a while.  That feeling might change before the weekend, but we’ll see.   I’ll either wear my upper class Elizabethan or lower class skirt and purchased bodice.  I doubt that the time period police will care (and who cares if they do), but I still feel off about it, so we’ll see.


Thanks for reading today’s entry, now go read Mistborn.

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