Piece by piece

By the grace of the goddesses, this project will be done this week.  I did some last second cuts before binding the armholes – I think they should curve in toward the bust more.  The doublet looks silly on S.A.R…A, but it feels okay on me–not that it matters.  At this point, I’ll be wearing it if it ends up with three armholes, I just need it to be done.  The neckline is also too small by at least two inches, but I won’t make the cut on that until I’m ready to attach the collar.  The shoulder tabs are ready to be basted and attached, which leaves the waistline, collar, then closures.  I’ll do the sleeves and hem the skirt, but I won’t do the trim on the front seam or the skirt until after the husband’s project has been taken care of.  The trim will take less than two hours of hand sewing, which I can do in the car on the way to faire.  Even if everything goes well, I’ll only have three weeks to get his whole project done – slops, doublet, sleeves, cape, and hat (originally planned for a new shirt as well).  I haven’t shopped for the fabric yet, and there has been no word on the arrival of his new tights – at this point, he’s wearing a chain of office, and nothing else….

It’s unfair that procrastination doesn’t even come into play on the last project of the season.

Thanks for reading.

UPDATE: The husband’s tights arrived today, and I’m sitting on the couch hand sewing the finish looped tab sections to the bodice.  I will likely not get anymore work done until Sunday because of weekend activities, but there’s not much left.  I’m planning my fabric shopping trip for Monday, if not Sunday evening.  Now to peruse sales flyers….

Author: SciFiCheerGirl

Hobby costumer, wife, and mom with a dancey-dance problem and a hankerin' for moar books

One thought on “Piece by piece”

  1. huzzah for procrastination. i have a lot to do also, and i am also trying to make a new doublet for Wesley, and some pants, and a new shirt, ALONG with stuff for me!

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