One Year Later

Let’s just file the last 364 days under “And Then Life Happened.” I thought I wouldn’t ever see my workroom, and I didn’t really. I only had a handful of items to make for a handful of events: Otakon commission, Baltimore Comic Con, Pirate hafla, Halloween, Halloween Hafla, NJ Ren Faire, First State Comic Con. I don’t even think I have pictures of most of what I made.

My excuse?

So, you know how I only post once a month? Well, before my July post (which was going to be a short one of me laughing at how I was obsessing over one costume that was taking all of my money and sanity), we found out that we were pregnant.

Yeah. I then became rather preoccupied. Don’t get me wrong, I did finish half a really huge (for me) costume, but it was the ONLY thing I worked on for two months. That was my X-Wing Fairy for Baltimore Comic Con. There’s a page in the menu for it, but the wings aren’t pictured because I kind of hate them. For all of the work I did, I learned a lot about what doesn’t work in the world of arts & crafts…and that’s it. The damned things are still sitting in my workroom, un-photographed because I can’t come up with a back mount that I like. So, the plan is to hang them with fishing line at shoulder height, stand in front of them for a couple of action shots, burn the wings, and make a new pair out of cellophane for a true tech-fairy look. I did wear the flight suit half of the costume to the Baltimore Comic Con, and it was a success, but I may never recover from the epic wing failure. Duct tape and pipe cleaners. Seriously…epic wing failure.


The only other big project that I worked on (took about a month and a half with all my preggo naps) was for Halloween. I chose Melisandre (GoT) to accommodate my expanding waist line and as a baby announcement to people who didn’t see me everyday. IMO, it was pretty freaking great. I even made an unlined version of her nifty cloak and bought a pewter dragon goblet. What you can’t see is that the shadow creature on my back is coming out of my dress. That freaked a couple of people out. And if you don’t know the scene that this references, you’re really missing out.


Most of my other projects were small and I didn’t attend half of the events that I did in 2013, but they all helped me retain some sanity while prepping for our new addition. His first costumed outing was to the NJ Ren Faire, where our family won the costume competition on the last day. The Tiny Princess was dressed as a Renny Rainbow Dash, and I’m fairly certain she had a big hand in the win.

IMG_5235711742445 20140608_141422 20140608_130431

Our second outing (which is why me writing today is so fitting) was to the First State Comic Con, where we attended as Saga characters, Marko, Alana, Hazel (Baby’s first crossplay [/sniff]), and Izabel. We were met with great approval, and while we didn’t enter the costume competition (because again, I can’t get anywhere on time), I love my family. And, they clearly love me to put up with our growing costume closet.

10462359_10152501594929519_5728148716290736658_n 20140629_132105 20140629_132128-ERASER

So, as always, thanks for reading! I appreciate everyone who comes to visit the blog. Please let me know if I can do anything to make your GLS experience more enjoyable. Or not. I have two kids now. Feel free to send snacks.


Author: SciFiCheerGirl

Hobby costumer, wife, and mom with a dancey-dance problem and a hankerin' for moar books

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  1. Glad you are back! I’m your biggest fan! I love your writing and looking forward to the next blog.

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